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Garenal Plus Drink Powder

The ingredients of the product are only natural ingredients all of which help protect our health. However in the Garenal Plus Drink Powder they can be found in a special and unique proportion, so it is an ideal choice for those who would like to deal with their health more which is in our age a more relevant task than ever.

The Garenal Plus Drink Powder thanks to its unique ingredients can help the proper function of the immune system, protect our cells against oxidative stress and protect the health of our liver.

The Garenal Plus Drink Powder is a food supplement which contains St. Mary’s thistle extract, parsley leaf grist and glutathione.


Vitamin C
Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid was produced by Albert Szent-Györgyi in such a way that he extracted it from green peppers. His achievement was later rewarded with a Nobel Prize. The vitamin which dissolves in water plays an important role in several ways in the healthy function of our body.

Vitamin C contributes among others:

  • to the protection of our cells against oxidative stress
  • to the normal energy producing metabolic procedures
  • to the proper function of the immune system
  • to decrease tiredness and fatigue
  • to the proper function of the nervous system
  • to the formation of collagen and through this the support of the normal condition and function of the veins and the skin

Beyond all this Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron and helps the maintenance of the normal psychological functions as well.

The recommended serving of the Garenal Plus drink powder contains 270 mgs of Vitamin C which is 337 per cent of the recommended daily intake.

St. Mary’s thistle-extract
St. Mary’s thistle (Sylibum marianum also known as milk thistle and lady’s thistle) is an herb which has been used for a long time. The active agent Silymarin which may be found in its extract has an antioxidant effect and beyond that it may contribute to the sustention of the health of the liver, to the normal working of the liver, to the healthy liver function and to the normal regeneration of the liver cells and tissues.

The recommended serving of the Garenal Plus drink powder contains 250 mgs of St. Mary’s thistle extract which equals to 200 mgs of Silymarin.

Parsley leaf-grist
Parsley (Petroselinum) is an herb which is used in very versatile ways. Its green leaves contain essential oils, carotene, chlorophyll and minerals. People who like natural methods drink it as a tea because of its mild diuretic effect.

The active agents in the parsley leaf-grist support the healthy operation of the kidneys’ excretion function.

The recommended serving of the Garenal Plus drink powder contains 220 mgs of parsley leaf-grist extract.

Glutathione (GHS) is a so-called tripeptide which consists of three amino acids (glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine) and which can be found in most of the cells of our body. It is a compound with an antioxidant effect. Among our foods fruits, vegetables and meets contain this compound.

The recommended serving of the Garenal Plus drink powder contains 50 mgs of glutathione.


Succinic acid
Succinic acid is an organic acid which can be found in almost every cell of our body. It plays a role in the energy producing processes more specifically in the citric acid cycle.

It is also a natural ingredient, a special variant of baking soda which was developed especially for the production of effervescent drink powders.

Glucose which is also called dextrose is the simplest sort of sugar, which is our body’s basic source of energy. The cells utilize this during their operation. It can be found in the nature in almost every fruit.


Our dedicated intension is to give help and provide a solution for people to the protection of their health. We believe in dietary supplements which are made from natural ingredients and help people who would like to protect their greatest treasure their health.

Tudományos háttér

For this reason we invested ten years of work in creating the GARENAL PLUS drink powder which we recommend to everyone who thinks health consciously and would like to protect their health. With the curative or regular use of the Garenal Plus drink powder you can experience the beneficial effects of its active ingredients – for example the Vitamin C, the St. Mary’s thistle extract or the parsley grist.

Az egészségünk a legnagyobb kincs!


One of the most important procedures of our body’s metabolism is oxidation. Our cells gain energy from this and it ensures the temperature of our body as well. During this process some agents form which have an extreme high reactivity which means that they would like to form a chemical bond with a higher than average strength. These are the free radicals which are able to harm any living cell; according to research they play a role in aging and in the development of cardiovascular diseases like arteriosclerosis and the development of some types of tumors as well. According to experts we can discover the effects of the free radicals in the improper function of the immune system or in the background of aging.

In case of a normal healthy body the nutrients with antioxidant effects that we eat neutralize the free radicals. But it can happen that our diet does not contain enough nutrients which have antioxidant effects – for example if we consume less colorful vegetables and fruits than recommended. Our environment can also increase our needs of antioxidants; this can happen if we live at a place where the air pollution is high or if we live under especially high stress and pressure. After a while our body cannot neutralize as many free radicals, that is why it is very important that we help our body’s work as much as we can and maintain our health this way.

Among the most well-known antioxidant agents we can find Vitamin C, Vitamin E or the agents which give the colors of the plants, beta-carotene, flavonoids or selenium, manganese and zinc. Among these agents more contribute to the protection of the cells against oxidative stress. That is why we need to pay special attention to the proper intake of these agents. The recommended minimal intake is from Vitamin C 80 mgs daily, Vitamin E 12 mgs, zinc 10 mgs and selenium 55 microgram.


It would be difficult to list all the work our liver does from the processing of the nutrients to the excretion of the unnecessary substances. But to keep our health and to help the normal function of the liver it is worth getting to know some of its roles more closely.

The liver is actually the central organ of the metabolism: all of the nutrients end up here which we consumed with our food, the carbohydrates, the fats and the proteins but the vitamins as well. First it decomposes these agents into smaller elements and then it transforms them (that is the way how sugar is transformed into fat) and it also stores some parts of them. And if it is needed it frees them and it supplies our body with energy and proteins this way.

The liver also helps the digestion since the bile is produced here which plays an important role in the absorption of fats. However the bile which depletes into the bowel system does not only take part in the digestion but it plays an important role in the detoxification of the body as well.

The production of the proteins which build our body takes place in the liver too. Most important of them are the proteins of the blood but the proteins which build the muscles are also produced here.
The substances which build our body also have a ‘wear out time’ so they need to be decomposed and rebuilt continuously. One of the most spectacular signs of this is maybe the decomposition of the hemoglobin which is the oxygen carrying protein of the blood: bile is produced from this substance which is decomposed by the liver and the agents which give its color deplete with the urine and the excrement.

The functions of the liver are so complex and complicated that in case of a problem we cannot substitute it with artificial means as opposed to the excretion function of the kidneys or the function of the heart. For this reason it is extremely important to protect the health of our liver and to provide every essential substance for it that it needs for its normal functioning and of course we need to avoid those which are harmful for it (for example toxins, smoking, and alcohol consumption.)

St. Mary’s thistle or more exactly the Silymarin which can be found in its extract is a well-known active agent for a long time which may help the protection of the health of the liver, the maintenance of the proper liver functions and the regeneration of the liver cells and tissues.


GARENAL PLUS drink powder

Who do we recommend the GARENAL PLUS drink powder to?

We recommend the GARENAL PLUS drink powder to everybody who:

  • Would like to protect their health more
  • Would like to support the proper function of their immune system
  • Considers the health of the liver and the gall of primary importance
  • Would like to support the detoxification functions of their body
  • Is exposed to the unpleasant effect of stress, especially long term stress
  • Pays attention to and would like to support the healthy and normal function of their metabolism
  • Would like to help the function of their digestive system
  • Pays attention to the proper function of their body and would like to support it with a quality dietary supplement

In order to achieve the desired effect the 30 serving amount is recommended

Ogyéi-Oéti 55347-2/2019 Notification number: 22669/2 The product is an officially notified dietary supplement in Hungary which complies with the 46/2002. EU (37/2004. ESZCSM directive) directive

Garenal +(Plusz) drink powder - 10 servings
7,800 Ft
Garenal +(Plusz) drink powder - 30 servings
21,500 Ft
Garenal Plusz italpor

The product does not substitute the balanced varied diet and the healthy lifestyle!

The product does not cure health conditions! The product is not suitable for the substitution of medical treatment!

In case of a health condition consult your health care provider about its use. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake!
Do not take the product if you are sensitive or allergic to any of its ingredients! Keep out of reach of children!

These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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How to use the Garenal Plus Drink Powder?

Once daily dissolve it in 2 deciliters (200 milliliters) of noncarbonated room temperature water and drink it after breakfast or lunch.

I do not usually have breakfast; can I take the Garenal Plus drink powder without breakfast?

It is not recommended to take the Garenal Plus drink powder on an empty stomach or after a morning coffee.

How much is the daily maximal dose of the Garenal Plus drink powder?

We recommend taking maximum 2 sachets of drink powder daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon until 4 pm the latest.

How can I help the efficiency of the Garenal Plus drink powder?

Primarily the proper liquid intake helps the natural detoxification of the body. Drink – evenly divided – at least 2 – 2.5 liters of pure water (mineral water, maybe unsweetened tea) daily.

Can I use the Garenal Plus drink powder in the evening as well?

We do not recommend taking it in the evening before going to sleep because it can delay falling asleep disturbing this way the good night’s sleep. The parsley leaf-grist which can be found in the drink powder has a mild diuretic effect and this can cause an urge to use the restroom at night in those who are sensitive to this.

I am sensitive to gluten/lactose. Can I use the Garenal Plus drink powder? +

Yes. The Garenal Plus drink powder does not contain either gluten or lactose. It can be consumed in case of egg white-, peanut-, or strawberry-allergy as well. It does not contain caffeine so you can even take it you are allergic to caffeine.

I follow a vegan diet. Does the Garenal Plus drink powder contain ingredients that come from animals?

The Garenal Plus drink powder does not contain ingredients which come from animals so even vegetarians and vegans can take it.

Protect your health, help the functions of your body effectively with the innovative GARENAL PLUS drink powder!

For the healthy function of the liver and the bile

For the proper antioxidant intake

For the maintenance of the acid–base balance of the body

For the support of the excretion and detoxification

Váljék egészségedre!

Acid, {L(+) tartaric acid}, bulking agent {Effer-Soda (baking soda)}, glucose, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), St. Mary’s thistle (Sylibum marianum) extract, parsley leaf-grist, acidity regulator (calcium citrate), acid {L-succinic acid}, anti-caking agents, (magnesium sulphates of fatty acids, silicon dioxide), glutathione

  • It does not contain narcotics or dope
  • GMO free
  • Gluten- lactose- egg-, peanut-, strawberry free
  • It does not contain caffeine

People living with diabetes or other types of metabolic function disorders and people following a vegan diet can also take it


Because of its high active agent content the drink powder can cause diarrhea in the first days of its consumption. Feeling of thirst can also occur when taken regularly that is why an ample liquid intake is recommended during the cure.

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